Walk for Joy

10th May 2023
By Cherie Rothery

The Wise Women Walking Club promotes a friendly and safe environment which benefits all our members, with a strong focus on inclusivity, particularly in terms of fitness levels and abilities.

We encourage all our walkers to connect with nature, connect with like-minded people and to connect with themselves.  You may hear our leaders say, ‘if you cannot walk and talk at the same time, you are walking too fast’.   This is just a reminder for us to slow down, embrace our surroundings, and to respect the pace of those around us.

This does not mean our faster walkers cannot get some speed up during our walks, but as a group, we aim to never leave anyone behind.  To enable this to happen, we ensure that we re-group at all junctions, and that we allow time for short breaks during the walk to allow everyone to rest, refuel and admire the beauty around them.

We have a few tips that might be useful if you are a faster walker:

  • Do ‘out and backs’, where you walk at your normal pace, then when you get to a junction, and realise you are well ahead, you walk back to the group (rather than standing and waiting).  If you did this multiple times, you could well end up doing a kilometre or so extra.
  • When climbing up hills, power up to the top of the hill, then start back down again to meet back up with the group then continue back up with the group again.    
  • Add a little extra weight to your pack to slow you down a little    
  • Purposefully spend a part of the walk with some of the slower walkers and chat, encourage and support them.

Note that all walks/events include a description of the terrain, distance and difficulty rating that allows attendees choose walks that align with your interests and abilities.

For your interest, we have a Wise Women Walking Code of Conduct, which can be viewed here - WWW Code of Conduct

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